Pet Boss Club Opens Oct 26th!

The Pet Boss Club is opening soon!
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The Pet Boss Club is closed but opening on October 26th! If you're ready to grow a wildly successful pet business... this is the place to be.
Eliminate the guesswork with proven revenue-generating strategies, staff training tools and systems, done-for-you marketing resources, and so much more!
The Pet Boss Club is Pet Boss Nation's signature, monthly, business mentoring experience!

Members learn the skills of mastering pet business ownership. They discover easy to implement sales and leadership ideas. They have an uplifting community that understands their unique challenges and supports them!

The Club will open Oct 26th.
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Here's the reality...
You used to daydream about leisurely opening your doors on a sunny day to loyal customers *just waiting* to buy your products and use your services… but it turns out most days business ownership means getting started before the sun is up and working well into the wee hours of the night.
It seems like customers flock to big box stores and online retailers, or the on-demand pet sitting services, whose marketing budget alone is 10x bigger than the mortgage on that gorgeous 5-bedroom home you dream of owning.
Inventory is, well, “underperforming" to say the least—you’ve got too much of this and not enough of that and whether you know it or not, the lack of clarity on the matter is costing you on a daily basis.
Building your DREAM TEAM of employees feels like a full-time job all on its own: searching, interviewing, hiring, training and RETAINING passionate staff is not a walk in the park.
You have REALLY great ideas… but who has time to implement when you’re wearing #AllTheHats ?

And let’s just address the elephant in the room ----> MONEY IS TIGHT. Too Tight. Like, “how much longer are we going to give this the ol’ college try” tight.

You need a BETTER way to run your business like a Boss.
It's times for the Pet Boss Club...
...because the fastest way to grow and scale a thriving pet business is to put the proper processes, training and support in place!

A Membership to the Pet Boss Club

An online portal with continuously updated business tools, tips and fresh ideas designed SPECIFICALLY FOR PET BUSINESS OWNERS!

Instructional videos and done-for-you downloadables and worksheets to save you time (and energy) to use in marketing, training and planning.

Monthly guest experts to share their success stories and best business takeaways (and YES, the hurdles they overcame while growing their biz, too!)

Weekly community Q + A’s with Candace to get to solutions to your in-the-moment and big picture struggles.

READY-TO-USE promotional planner and graphics (THIS IS HUGE! You’ll never wonder what you’ll promote again or need to hire and expensive graphic design to create your collateral!)

Access to a supportive Facebook community that will cheer you on every step of the way (and push you through when you’ve hit a wall!)

Weekly Monday morning FB check-in’s… Sound off on what’s up, what’s good and what you’re focusing on checking off your list!

Access to special discounts and offers throughout the year that will help to move the needle in your pet business.

Here's what Club Members have to say...
A Note from our CEO & Founder

My name is Candace D’Agnolo, Founder of Pet Boss Nation. I’ve been in the pet industry since 2004 having done retail, wholesale, grooming, daycare, boarding, and more. I’m now taking all I learned over the last 15 years to help independent retailers and brands see success faster than doing it alone. 

I understand the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, heck, I’ve been on that ride for almost two decades with Dogaholics (my consumer brand), but what’s different about me, is that I’ve turned obstacles into opportunities... from failing to scaling, broke to naming my price and selling three businesses, and from chained to my store front to traveling the world. 

We believe in you, the independent business owner! Our community of thousands of pet retailers and boutiques, grooming salons, doggy daycare owners, dog trainers, manufacturers, distributors, sales reps, photographers, bloggers, walkers, sitters, healers... are waiting to welcome you into their arms!

Real Results!
FAQ's... we know you're wondering...
What content does the Pet Boss Club cover?
We cover it all in the Pet Boss Club! You’ll be equipped to establish a rock-solid foundation, create highly-converting content, develop a magnetic marketing strategy, build a retention strategy that drives employee loyalty and performance through the roof and a growth strategy that helps you confidently leap to your highest level, one step at a time.
What if one of my competitors is in the Club?

As small business owners, we really only have three competitors--online, the big brands and our customers time. To succeed in the small business community, it’s important to look for opportunities to collaborate, not compete. There’s plenty of business for everyone! If exclusivity is a requirement for you, we invite you to join a Power Pack. These category-exclusive, monthly, peer-led mastermind groups are available as an optional add-on to your Pet Boss Club membership fee. 

As a small business how could I possibly afford the Pet Boss Club?

Honestly, you can’t afford NOT to be in the Pet Boss Club. With pricing as low as $149/month, how many extra sales do you need to make each month in order to cover the cost of the Club? 5? 1? Knowing that our Club members regularly see 25%+ increase in sales during their first year in the Club, what’s stopping you from taking this leap??

How is the content delivered to me?
Shortly after registering, you’ll receive an email that guides you through a simple, step-by-step process to join our private Facebook group and gain access to all of our video trainings and downloadables. We use a Facebook Group for day to day communications, but all trainings are hosted in a platform called Zoom, so you do not have to have a FB account to tune in. Other than that all content is delivered via email or inside our online membership portal. 
What is your refund policy?

We are pleased to offer a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. After 30 days, you can cancel any time before your next payment is processed.

My schedule is CRAZY! What if I miss a training?
We record every training! Each training is made available in the online portal within 36 hours or less, so you can access every tool, resource, training, expert interview, and strategy you need anytime, from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.
Who are the monthly guest experts?

Our monthly guests include a mix of pet industry experts, as well as authorities and leaders from other industries who provide a unique perspective on owning and running a highly-profitable and rewarding business.

I'd like to add my manager, business partner or other staff to the Club...
Yep! You can certainly add more team members. It's $15/month for each additional team member. Just add it during check out. you want a wildly successful pet business?
I sure do, Candace!
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